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Utility Kilts

Welcome to our range of Utility kilts. These fashionable kilts feature adjustable straps and side pockets, so they’re hard wearing and practical to be used throughout the day. If you want any assistance please call us on +92 312 6605654.

Like traditional kilts, these designs are pleated on the trunk for precisely the exact same shape and design of the traditional kilt. Utility kilts are also excellent everyday fashion accessories and may fit into numerous events when paired with the right outfit.

Utility kilts are available in a number of fashions. Black utility kilts are flexible and can be dressed up or down, while camouflage kilts are ideal for work or casual wear and then add a bit of pattern into the garment. But you want to design your usefulness kilt, you’ll always look stylish and feel comfortable in all climates.

While the tartan kilt is a beloved icon of Scottish heritage, a traditional kilt isn’t always acceptable for all occasions. For anybody who enjoys the look and feel of wearing a kilt but wants something hardwearing, functional and fashionable then a utility kilt could be an ideal fit. Utility kilts give the traditional kilt a modern and functional twist, including hard-wearing materials with additional features that make your kilt even more functional.

While conventional kilts might look striking at any kind of social event, they need to be cared for if you want to preserve their charming appearances. These practical kilts are equipped with several pockets for simple storage of small things and even tools, perfect for wearing not only for general jobs but also for all sorts of work situations. Instead of decorative tartan, utility kilts are constructed from hardwearing materials that could stand up splendidly to wear and tear.

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Top Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Your First Modern Kilt in 2018

Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Your First Modern Kilt

If you love Scottish culture and tradition, you must have come across modern kilts various times. These kilts are very stylish and you can use them as an alternative to jeans or your everyday wear to musical events.

However, if you are looking for the best kilt, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. In this article, you will learn of some factors you need to put into consideration when you are looking for modern kilts. In fact, we have made a checklist for you below to ensure that you get the best kilt at the best value the next time you go for kilt shopping.

Top Factors You Must Consider When You Are Searching For the Best Modern Kits

  1. Consider the Kilt Style That is Right For You

This is probably the first thing that you will need to consider. If you are looking for the best kilt, you must ensure that the one that you want to get is the right one for you. First thing you need to understand is that modern kilt come in various styles and they include:

  • Hybrid Kilts

This type of kilt is made from 2 kinds of fabrics. You will likely see it with one fabric used for the body and another fabric used for the trim and the pleats. In any case, hybrid kilts are very fashionable and functional.

  • Utility Kilts

Just like the name sounds, this type of kilt is designed to serve various purposes. They are indeed very durable and you can even wear them to work or when you are going out to a special event. The material utility kilts are made are usually very thick and can resist wear and tear.

  • Camo Kilts

This type of kilt is designed to be worn when you are on the street for a festival and even when you are embarking on an adventure.

  • Denim Kilts

Consider denim kilts as a kind of “cross-breeding” between everyday blue jeans and a kilt. The purpose of this type of kilt is so that you can wear it daily for work and even for events.

  • Prints

If you are looking for colorful kilts, well, you need to get these kilts. They come with graphic embellishments which makes them stand out from other types of kilts. Prints are more fashionable than other types of kilts.

Choosing the Right Material For Your Kilt

When you have figured out the type of kilt that is right for you, another important task is to know the material that you want. Kilts are made from various materials – while some are made from cotton, there are others that are made from polyester and even from poly cotton.

The cotton material is soft and breathable and you can use them on hot days. On the other hand, kilts made from polyester used to be heavier which makes them hard to wrinkle. If you are looking for a blend of these two options, you will need to get a kilt that is made from poly cotton.  Another good material you should consider is the leather kilt, this material has edgy look. However, it requires frequent oiling as well as regular maintenance in order to keep it in a good condition.

Consider Storage

Fortunately, modern kilts have storage pouch known as “sporran” or pockets. This sporran usually comes built-in or detachable. You will need a good storage when you are traveling with your kilt. It is important to note that the number and the size of the pocket can vary from style to style. Before you go for kilt shopping, consider what you want to carry. This will enable you to choose the right pocket you will use for your kilt storage.

Consider Your Budget

Finally, you should consider how much you have to spend when you are looking to buy a modern kilt. In most cases, you can get good kilts between $80 and $200. However, this will depend on the style, material, as well as the features.

Before you shop for kilts online, make sure you have the amount you want to spend in mind. Knowing the right amount you want to spend will keep you from overspending.


Investing in a kilt is a good idea. It is very fashionable and will make you more attractive the next time you step out. However, when you are considering buying a modern kilt, make sure you consider these factors listed above.