“I enjoy working in quality because it allows me to help ensure that our clients actually receive what they pay for, the quality in a product will speak of the client and we help make sure that it is always great.”


Ali Raza Janjua

Great Kilt has been providing wholesale kilts & accessories since 2015 over the globe. We create handsewn designer Kilts in traditional Scottish methods using only the highest quality fabrics. When you order a kilt from Great Kilt, we will create and design it specifically for you, and charge you what we would charge the retailer. We can arrange special discounts for band/bulk orders so why not Ask for details.

When buying wholesale products from us, you will have the following benefits:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Customized Design Manufacturing
  • No Minimum Quantity Restrictions
  • Payment with Paypal, 2CheckOut, Western Union etc…
  • Drop Shipment Facility (Guaranteed delivery within 10-15 days)
  • Brand Establishment by Embroidery on Kilt, Laser Engraving on the Buttons, Tags and Printed Packaging etc.