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Piper Drummer White Doublet Jacket

  • Fabric: Blazer Wool
  • Style: Doublet
  • Color: White
  • Lined: Satin
  • Button: Silver
  • Laces/Piping: Silver
  • Size: 34″ to 54″
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Pipers Doublet Band Jacket

Pipers Doublet Band Jacket especially for a drummer to have a 100% professional look there must be some quality and product manufacturing standards, our custom made doublet in original material will give you a solid professional look in your band.

Custom Option

  • Label: Buyer
  • Button: Silver/Golden
  • Laces/Piping: Silver/Golden
  • Color: Any regular
  • Size: We accept custom size

We accept complete custom jacket in size, fabric, chest, waist, sleeves, length, label, button, laces, piping and as well as we accept all new design from the buyer.

We pride a Band piper kilt jacket  and Doublet Kilt Jacket etc Shop Now.