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Officers Melton Doublet Jacket

  • Fabric: Blazer Wool
  • Style: Melton Doublet
  • Color: Black
  • Lined: Satin
  • Button: Golden
  • Laces/Piping: Golden
  • Epaulets: Plain
  • Edges/Neck/Cuffs: Red
  • Size: 34″ to 54″


Officers Melton Doublet Jacket:

Custom Option

  • Label: Buyer
  • Button: Silver/Golden
  • Laces/Piping: Silver/Golden
  • Edges/Neck/Cuffs: Any regular color
  • Color: Any regular
  • Size: We accept custom size

We accept complete custom jacket in size, fabric, chest, waist, sleeves, length, label and as well as we accept all new design from the buyer.

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