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Mens Masonic Fly Plaid Brooch

  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Mirror
  • Color: Nickel Chrome
  • Style: Mens Masonic
  • Type: Fly Plaid Brooch
  • Size: 7.62cm x 7.62cm
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Masonic Fly Plaid Brooch For Men:

Masonic Fly Plaid Brooch For Men would make the perfect finish to any fly plaid. It is around in shape and made of brass which has chrome finish mirror look. This plaid brooch is pinned onto your fly-plaid to hold it in place over your shoulder. GREAT KILT is offering custom made the fly plaid brooch for fly plaid in designs, sizes, and colors

Custom Option

  • Design: We accept custom design
  • Color: We accept custom Color
  • Size: We accept custom Size

We accept complete custom buckle in size, color, design and as well as we accept all-new design from the buyer but it depends on the quantity of order.

We provide a Scottish Lady Harp Fly Plaid Brooch , Saint Andrew Fly Plaid Brooch etc.. Shop Now