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Mackenzie Tartan Utility Kilt For Women

  • Material: Acrylic Wool
  • Lining: Satin
  • Type: Utility Tartan
  • Fabric: 8 Yard
  • Buckle: Antique
  • Strap: Same Fabric
  • Drop Length: 22″
  • Sizes: 22” To 40”
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Mackenzie Tartan Utility Kilt For Ladies:

Mackenzie Tartan Utility Kilt For Ladies is very popular among the Scottish community and in all age groups. Mackenzie Tartan Utility Kilt is made up of Acrylic Wool and all pleats are sewn for a full swing. There are 3 metal buckles, real leather straps and both side pockets with button closing system for better fitting and beauty.

Since this Mackenzie tartan Kilt is of Utility kilt type so pockets are a must. There are two Flap pockets on either side of the Kilt making it an ideal utility kilt. There is one flap pocket on the back side of the kilt with a decorative button. It is a perfect kilt for active-man has there many pockets to carry one’s stuff.

Custom Option

  • Label: Buyer
  • Buckle & Button: Antique/Nickel Chrome
  • Fabric: 8yard / 5yard
  • Lining Color: Any Regular
  • Drop Length: We accept Custom Size
  • Waist: We accept Custom Size

We accept complete custom kilt in size, color, button, buckle, lining, fabric yard, length, waist, label and as well as we accept all-new design from the buyer.

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