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Short Leather Gladiator Kilt

  • Material: Real Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Gladiator Utility
  • Pocket: No Pockets
  • Buckle: Nickel Chrome
  • Waistband: Adjustable
  • Drop Length: 24″
  • Sizes: 28” To 50”
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Short Leather Gladiator Kilt:

Short Leather Gladiator Kilt has a great finished look and easily adjustable strap to adjust waistband and it has been finished off with a chrome look buckle. This product is made from a high-quality leather.  This kilt is specially designed for those who look and feel different. We are also offering customization of sizes and colors with your own choice.

Custom Option

  • Label: Buyer
  • Color: Any Regular
  • Buckle: Nickel Chrome/Golden/Antique
  • Drop Length: We accept Custom Size
  • Waist: We accept Custom Size

We accept complete custom kilt in size, color, buckle, length, waist, label and as well as we accept all-new design from the buyer.

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