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Ladies Knee Length Kilt Skirt

  • Material: Acrylic Wool
  • Lining: Satin
  • Style: Billie
  • Pleats: 4 Box
  • Buckles: Nickel Chrome
  • Straps: Leather
  • Drop Length: 20″
  • Sizes: 26″ To 40″
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Ladies Knee Length Tartan Kilt Skirt:

Ladies Knee Length Tartan Kilt Skirt is made of acrylic wool fabric. This ladies kilt is 20″ long, approximately knee length, and is perfect for a whole range of highland dress occasions. Fastened with leather straps with nickel chrome buckles at the side. When wearing a kilt, pleats are facing the back and the flat part is facing the front. GREAT KILT offers highland and modern designs with custom sizes in over many type tartans at affordable prices.

Custom Option

  • Label: Buyer
  • Buckle: Nickel Chrome/Golden/Antique
  • Lining Color: Any Regular
  • Drop Length: We accept Custom Size
  • Waist: We accept Custom Size

We accept complete custom kilt in size, color, lining, buckle,  fabric yard, length, waist, label and as well as we accept all-new design from the buyer.

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