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Khaki Hybrid Kilt For Women

  • Material:  100% Cotton
  • Color: Khaki & Black
  • Style: Hybrid Utility
  • Pockets: Big Pockets On Both Side
  • Round-Rings: Attached with Golden Rivets
  • Straps: Leather with Button Closure
  • Drop Length: 22″
  • Sizes: 22” To 40”
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Hybrid Khaki Kilt For Women is one of the amazing addition to our collection which comes up with a properly stitched apron on the front of this amazing kilt. There are two Flap pockets on either side of the kilt used for storing your personal stuff On either side, there are two leather straps are given for better and comfortable adjustment of the kilt. GREAT KILT is offering Hybrid Kilt For Women with custom size in different colors.

Custom Option

  • Label: Buyer
  • Buckle & Button: Black/Antique/Nickel Chrome
  • Fabric: 8yard / 5yard
  • Lining Color: Any Regular
  • Drop Length: We accept Custom Size
  • Waist: We accept Custom Size

We accept complete custom kilt in size, color, button, D-ring, lining, fabric yard, length, waist, label and as well as we accept all-new design from the buyer.

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